Saturday, August 13, 2011

Aside - Rick Perry

I will be creating a portfolio on each tea party personality - here is the beginnings of the Rick Perry entry.

Jobs - thats the talking point being pushed in the press -  "Rick Perry made jobs in Texas" - well so did Bush:


The energy sector continued to be a driver of the Texas economy. Jobs in the sector rose at an annualized rate of 18.9 percent in June.

The Texas rig count continued to climb, with drilling activity shifting toward oil. Shale activity also remains profitable for Texas companies

On climate:

Perry wrote in his new book, global warming is “all one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight."

Speaking of falling apart, two stories on the Perry political machine seem to be pointing to inevitable breakdown:

 Rick Perry’s cash dash sparks worries

Bushies slam Rick Perry's Ben Bernanke comment 

Then there is always this case, where Perry's  involvement and interfering at least, is cause for great concern:

Cameron Todd Willingham 

Members of the Texas Forensic Science Commission said in 2009 that they intended to hear testimony from Beyler in October 2009 and produce a report on the Willingham case in early 2010. A hearing scheduled for October 3, 2009, was abruptly cancelled, however, when Gov. Rick Perry announced October 1 that he was replacing three members of the commission whose terms had expired. As of October 7, 2009, the commission’s review of the Willingham case was on hold, according to new chairman John Bradley, the Williamson County District Attorney.

The Texas Forensic Science Commission and the Willingham Case 

Death by Fire - FRONTLINE 


  1. A couple of stories of interest:

  2. I'm liking John Huntsman more after this ;)

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  4. Perry (which I just mistyped as Petty) has had a bad couple of weeks. Looks like Romney is consolidating a lead. Although we have to watch out for prissy Christie!

  5. This story is hilarious!

  6. Texas has the highest child abuse death rate in the country.

  7. Mitt Romney sips more tea.

  8. Check this out! The settlement for "Sqirmy Hermie's" sexual harassment was made on 9/99!

  9. We now know why Rick Perry doesn't believe in global warming. He has brain freeze! Hopefully politically terminal.

  10. Creepy and evil story:

  11. I think Romney really stepped in it when he made his $10,000 bet offer. Most people don't have $10,000 to throw away on a casual bet. Made him look out of touch.

  12. Kim Jong Il is dead. Can't say I'll miss him.